excursion to southern africa, pt. 3 – spitzkoppe to swakopmund

botanizing in the desert

on day 3, we drove from spitzkoppe to swakopmund.
on the way there, we had several stopovers: we botanized in the desert, visited the lichen desert [G] near the coast (in both the desert and the lichen desert, fog is the major source of water for life), took a look at the cape fur seal colony (the biggest colony of , up to 250.000 animals!) at cape cross [G], and eventually drove down to swakopmund.
the little seaside city somehow had an odd sense of “you’re-not-safe-here” to it, which was probably because of all of the security guards and special guards for the parked cars in front of supermarkets…

for the night, we stayed in bungalows at swakopmund restcamp [G]. it was an o.k. place to spend a night – photos of the facilities are in the gallery.

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[view photos: spitzkoppe to swakopmund – the botanical side]

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