excursion to southern africa, pt. 2 – windhoek to spitzkoppe

the direct product of several study breaks (probably too many):

spitzkoppe community campsite - we set up our tents near the white spot on the right

photos of day two, showing the drive from windhoek to spitzkoppe – namibia’s very own version of the matterhorn. ;-)
you wouldn’t believe the night sky out there, VERY far from all the light pollution of modern civilization… i’ve never seen the milky way so clearly!

the weather was so nice that evening, that we decided to ditch the tents and sleep open air on the sandstone massif – almost exactly here: [G].

the photos were split into “travel” and “botanical” photo albums.

[view photos: windhoek to spitzkoppe]
[view photos: windhoek to spitzkoppe – the botanical part]

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