update: praha, cz

here’s the first batch of photos from our trip to prague, in the end of may.

for our drive to prague, we had fritz’ gps-navigation system with a map of austria & germany (not enough), and a printout of google’s directions (the whole route from innsbruck to our hotel on 2 pages; not enough). it wasn’t surprising, then, that we ended up somewhere in the middle of prague and didn’t quite know where to go.
luckily, there was a friendly czech couple who offered their help, and described the whole route (still about a 20-minute-drive) on their detailled city maps. we’d probably still be there if we hadn’t met them!

the following day we went for a long walk in the city center and checked out some of the architectural sights.

the most unlikely remembering-prague- group-photo ever :)

continuing the tradition of going to odd museums for climatic improvements (like the heated bagpipe museum in budapest, at -15° outside temperature), we went to see a barbie exhibition in hracek toy museum (which is located on prague castle). after all, we had just walked all the way up to the castle, it was extremely hot and they had airconditioning. :-)
nicole and philipp caught up with us that day, but for some reason decided to skip the exhibition. ;-)

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