RTW05 #6.4 seattle, usa

seattle, washington

arriving in seattle, i was looking forward to enjoying a few quiet days in a familiar place.
i was staying with the byers family (again), and had some time to relax, catch up on emails, watch some movies etc. heather, cindy and larry also took me to snoqualmie falls, olympia (washington state’s capital), downtown seattle of course, …and not to forget a belated birthday-celebration-bowling-evening with heather and some of her friends.

seattle underground

i think the underground tour needs a little explanation: there was a great fire in 1889, which destroyed most parts of seattle’s central business district. there had been problems with floodings etc. up until that time, so it was decided that the ground level should be raised two stories higher. at first, only the streets were higher, and people had to climb ladders to get down to the sidewalks & building’s entrances…
wikipedia information: de, en

and then, just over 3 months after i had started this trip, it was time to fly back home. :-)


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