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poura, kakapo
poura, kakapo

a few weeks ago, i found a video speech by douglas adams* through another chance to see. one major part of it is about the kakapo, which is why i originally came across the video.

    some people say, [the kakapo] has developed a kind of rudimentary parachuting ability.
    other people say, it flies a bit like a brick.

douglas adams had the funniest way of verbalizing things:

    …and from there you have to go in a kind of decreasingly excellent series of carts…


the whole video is about 90 minutes long, but if you don’t have the time, i recommend just watching the first ten minutes.
watch it here: university of california tv (new, slightly better link).

*douglas adams is probably most famous for the “hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” series. he also wrote “last chance to see”, a book about critically endangered species around the globe.

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