silver balls

silver balls, silver balls
it’s christmas time in the city

i hear more and more people complain about the christmas lights in innsbruck. i don’t know why – i really like them. especially the brand-new “silver balls” that were installed in maria-theresienstrasse.

[view photos: christmas in innsbruck]

ring-a-ling, hear them sing
soon it will be christmas day

“anton’s choir” (the high school choir that anton is singing in) co-held a christmas concert with a brass ensemble, last wednesday.
it’s the same choir that i was a part of, in my own high school time.
it was a triple-treat for me, (1) being the first choir concert in a while where i was only listening (mostly), (2) being reminded of my own high-school time, which is slowly fading away, and (3) taking pictures in wonderfully-lit church.

[view photos: christmas concert]

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