answer the babbling

last weekend, we performed j.s. bach’s “christmas oratorio” in innsbruck and telfs, and i’m still constantly humming parts of it to myself.

this is one of the greatest pieces of music i’ve had the chance to take part in.
following joseph haydn’s “the creation” and carl orff’s “carmina burana”, the “christmas oratorio” marks another personal highlight of 2006.

in some spots though, it seems like there were problems with the wording:

    herrscher des himmels erhöre das lallen (“answer the babbling”?)
    lass dir die matten gesänge gefallen (“enjoy the dull/faint/sick/weary chants”?)
    ich will dir leben hier, dir will ich abfahren (“i want to rack you out”?)

big thanks to bruderherz tom for taking some photos!

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