bats in the news

bats have just made it into the headlines again:

    the bat with the incredibly long tongue
    “a rare south american bat, anoura fistulata, turns out to have a spectacularly long tongue. at up to 150% the length of its body, it is proportionally the longest of any mammal.”
    >> new scientist article (en) with photos
    >> spiegel online (de) with high-res photos and a video

    (first heard about it here.)

    magnetic field puts bats on track
    “scientists believe big brown bats, eptesicus fuscus, rely on the earth’s magnetic field to keep their bearings as they swoop the night sky. the team, writing in nature, said the finding added to “the impressive array” of sensory abilities that the creatures use to steer in the dark.”
    >> bbc news (en)
    >> (de)

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