choir photos

i just finished uploading some photos of recent concert tours with the choir.

haydn-church, eisenstadt

the first one (in the end of october) led us to eisenstadt [G] provincial capital of burgenland and the city where joseph haydn lived/worked between 1760 and 1790.
there were concerts in eisenstadt’s haydn-church, heiligenkreuz collegiate church, st. martin and pinkafeld.
i joined in a day late, so i went there by train, and had a few hours of layover in vienna [G] before my next train would get me to eisenstadt.

on the second tour (last weekend) we visited steyr [G], kirchberg, stockerau, and lilienfeld.

i used to think innsbruck is a fairly small city. now that i’ve seen more cities in the eastern parts of austria, it turns out i was wrong (at least, in the austrian scale).

something funny: our …food providers on all the different locations didn’t know what we were getting elsewhere. the result: we ended up having wiener schnitzel three times in a row.
on the way back to tirol, we were making jokes about having schnitzel for dinner, and i wasn’t really surprised when i heard “are you hungry? we saved you some schnitzel from lunch!” when i arrived at home.
i really didn’t even mind. :-)

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[view photos: concert tour to steyr]

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