more cellphone snapshots

just another bunch of unsorted cellphone snapshots…

fire alarm at university

the photo on the right comes with an additional soundfile.

the background: humanities campus consists of just about the crappiest of all university buildings – some of the lecture rooms had to be closed down because parts of the ceiling were coming down. its system of elevators is the only one in innsbruck (that i can think of) that i absolutely don’t trust.
when there was a fire alarm two weeks ago, i also noticed that every floor seems to have their own alarm signal. i set my mp3-player to record when we walked down two storeys and out of the building, and you can hear a mix of the different signals.

[download] (mp3, 594KB)

in case you’re wondering: voice#1 says “you have to leave this building”, and voice#2 (that’s me) asks whether it’s a real fire alarm, which #1 doesn’t know either.
in the end, it turned out that one of the janitors hat unintentionally cut a wrong wire…

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