it’s october, and university recommenced two weeks ago.

and it’s great to be among likeminded people again.
who else uses words like capsaicin, proteoreceptor or harnsäurewert (uric acid testresult) in an everyday converstation, or makes binomial nomenclature jokes that most people either don’t get or don’t consider funny?

update 16.10.2006:
i also have to confess something: i’m actually superficial enough to take a class just because i saw the professor. all i could think of, when she was talking, was boobies :-) (sfw)

3 thoughts on “university

  1. haha – you make it sound like i’m a 12-year-old about to hit puberty, when i’m actually a 21-year-old about to hit puberty :-)

  2. It is even worse when you become a 50 year-old about to hit puberty. Trust me :)

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