the biggest roundabouts ever

this will be the last post concerning my july spain holiday…

spanish and valencian flag

photos of a second trip into the hinterland with anton – with xativa [G] as the main destination – are online now, those of a short trip to altea/calpe* [G] will be there soon are online now as well.
you can even see xativa’s castle on google local: [G]
* mullets seem to be “in” in spain. we’ve encountered lots of people with mullets – on this trip there even was a mullet dog!

[view photos: trip to xativa]
[view photos: trip to altea & calpe]

there are LOTS of roundabouts in spain! when we drove home from xativa, however, we encountered the two biggest ones i’ve ever come across:

video sequences were sped up a little so they wouldn’t be *this* boring. one complete round for each one was recorded.
we had to go around the second one for three times to get a proper recording. :-)

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