denia photos

ok, first set of photos is here – all the “uncategorized ones” are online.

fun with a colourful sunshade

this session includes trying to drive my parents insane by carving every kind of fruit we had and then putting it back into the fridge. (however, i got bored after the orange.)

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*update on 12.08.2006*
while the spanish seem to have many …odd traditions (some of which are just pure animal cruelty!), we didn’t experience any of those. :-)

fiesta decoration lights

we did, however, check out the fiesta in the neighbor village els poblets. i really liked the decoration lights that were mounted in just about every alley of the little village.
and i was a little surprised to see a pop/rockband have a horn soloist. :-)

more photos:
[view photos: kitesurfers]
[view photos: fiesta decoration, els poblets ]

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  1. Hola!We are Lucia and Marta of the urbanization of denia. Marta says that thank you for the photos of the swimming pool. Do you speak spanish? This page is very well:wink:. Greetings from madrid

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