rest in peace, scully

yesterday, we had to put our dog scully to sleep.
it was hard making that decision, but in the end, it was the only choice.

and though she is now gone, lots of precious memories remain:

    like picking her up as the cutest puppy ever in kufstein.
    and attending pet obedience school.
    and her cuddling with the bunny, even licking/cleaning its head.
    and our family+dog holiday in normandy / france.
    and placing that huge bone under the christmas tree for her.
    and her stealing the chocolate goodies off the tree after she was done with the bone.
    and her first “almost-fatal” encounter with anton’s hamster.
    and her going wild when seeing a cat, but at the last moment turning nice when she recognizes tiger (tom & sandra’s cat).
    and splinting her leg when she broke it (she didn’t even wince, because she knew we were helping her).
    and her late “you either walk me where i want to go, or i’ll go on a strike, lay down and just won’t move at all”-strategy.

we all miss her already.
and it’s going to take some time until we won’t expect her showing up whenever there is a rustling noise from a candy wrapping.


[lyrics quote of the moment]
these days everyone cries “say uncle”
i retrieve the memories quickly as i can
add them to the portrait we all draw in our minds
your body gone, we shall keep the man
vienna teng – say uncle

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One thought on “rest in peace, scully

  1. What a lovely dog.

    I’m so sorry, Markus. Looking through these pictures and your recollection of memories made me tear up a bit.

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