photo update

new photos are online!

augibunde, the noctule bat (nyctalus noctula)

first of all, some more bat photos: it’s the first time i’ve …”hosted” a noctule bat (nyctalus noctula)- a good opportunity to take photos of the second largest bat species in austria…
apart from that, albuin (a well-travelled parti-coloured bat, vespertilio murinus) is a photogenic bat, too.

[view photos: noctule and parti-coloured bats]


phillip, benedikt, david, andi and simon after singing at a sunday mass (wilten boys' choir)

and then, there’s a whole bunch of photos of people, that didn’t really fit anywhere else…
includes photos of our ensemble on good friday, my little brother in action, artist friends and their work, bear hunters, and today’s and yesterday’s ulfissimo choir rehearsals in baumkirchen.
i also made a short video when we rehearsed an arrangement of “mercy” by joe zawinul, which i think doesn’t sound too bad…

[view photos: random people photos]

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