shell commercial production

on february 24th, stefan and i participated in the making of a commercial for shell.

flags, and the jumper
front row of spectators, everything else should have been filled in digitally

the idea was a ski-jump, where the jumper jumps so far that he lands somewhere in the city. the motto being “shell takes you farther than you thought” or something…
our part: being one of the 200 real* fans who cheer for the jumper. the shooting took about 6 hours in chilly winter-temperatures, standing on snow etc.
* they told us they would digitally add thousands of fans, but it never came to that…
nevertheless, it turned out to be one of the funniest days ever. in fact, i don’t remember a day when i laughed more!

we were given flags to sway, and there was one guy (among the fans) who wanted to create an …imparity of countries, so he wandered around and traded flags of different countries. hehe.

    [quote of the day]
    ok, now we’ll do the scene again without the british flags.
    staff member

–what the? i’d honestly like to know what (or who) that was for!

apparently the ad is now airing on several german-speaking channels, but they ended up not showing ANY people other than the jumper himself.
oh well, as long as we got paid…

[view photos: shell commercial production]

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