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photos have started to pile up here. this is a mix of the past month’s nature related photos, enjoy!

an ichneumon fly and its victim

to explain this photo: i’ve been very lucky to come across an ichneumon fly attacking its victim, a …fat green caterpillar. despite their size, it seemed like a brutal fight – the caterpillar trying to shake the fly off while it was stung several times.
the reason for this attack: the ichneumon fly (schlupfwespe; ichneumonoidea) injected the caterpillar with eggs from which the parasitic larvae will hatch. they essentially eat the caterpillar alive. isn’t life wonderful?
unfortunately, when i had my camera ready, the fight itself was already over.

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3 comments on “nature photo update

  1. Markus - you don't know how nice it is for me to see your interest in all things nature. :)
  2. WOW. that butterfly's antennae(?) are so magnificent! how can you tell it's male? and where was his wife? and yes, i'm so proud of your super-pink flower (pretty!!)
  3. eric: thanks :) caro: you can tell because of the well-developed antennae (!). only males have them; they need them to find (smell) the females...

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