microbats in the house, pt.2

i recently mentioned that i had …microbats in da house.
well, they were released about a week ago…

parti-coloured bat (vespertilio murinus) - portrait

i was asked to take care of two parti-coloured bats (vespertilio murinus, zweifarbfledermaus), two common pipistrelles (pipistrellus pipistrellus, zwergfledermaus), two nathusius’ pipistrelle bats (pipistrellus nathusii; rauhautfledermaus) and one kuhl’s pipistrelle (pipistrellus kuhlii, weissrandfledermaus).

one of them (i think it was a nathusius’ pipistrelle) was so clever, she landed either on my hand or on its terrarium cover when she was done flying around.

[view photos: more microbats]

3 thoughts on “microbats in the house, pt.2

  1. When you say the bats were “released” do you mean they are now flying around outside or have they taken over the house? :neutral:

  2. I never thought I’d say this, but those bats are cute! (Or maybe I have said it before, somewhere else on your site.) How did you get them to pose for you on that log-looking thing? And to smile for you? :)

    The mealworm dinner is groooosssssssssssss. Blecch! (Perhaps I am just a biased vegetarian …)

    I like how you took pics of them on a thumb and in an egg carton to show their relative size.

  3. larry: no, they were released into the wild. actually, we tried to make them settle in a bat-box (similar to a bird’s nest-box).

    caroline: yes, they are the sweetest tiny little things :-)
    the log-looking thing is actually a log, and they were just sitting there, annoyed by the giant lense.

    the egg carton is actually a part of their “home” in the terrarium – it’s insulating, perforated (so they can hold on to it) and consists of multiple small structures… perfect!
    speaking of mealworms: you probably had a look at the videos in here, right? :razz:

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