t610: reduce bluetooth shutdown time

have you ever been annoyed at the strange minimum activation timespan of your t610’s bluetooth function?
i regularly am, after syncing my phone with my pc*.
* check out floAt’s Mobile Agent if you have a sony ericsson cellphone!
if i want to switch it off right after i finish, there’s this stupid “bluetooth is currently busy” message. that just seems illogical, since there’s no connection anymore, and the little icon on the cellphone itself says so too.
on the other hand, while there is actually a connection in use, i can turn it off without any problems…

here’s an easy workaround, if you don’t want to restart your phone every time:

    just lock the keyboard (right soft-key, then *),
    unlock keyboard again (same combination),
    and now you’re able to turn bluetooth off (right soft-key, then 2)

i wonder if that bug is still there in newer SE-phones..?

One thought on “t610: reduce bluetooth shutdown time

  1. i had the exact same problem with my t610. and i did the exact same workaround. my phone actually crashed quite a bit with the bluetooth thing. i always knew it was on the verge of crashing when i pressed “More” and then in that menu, saw both “Turn On Bluetooth” and “Turn Off Bluetooth”.

    oh how i miss my t610. and how i curse the vermin who stole it. oh well. i thought about buying a replacement, but they have been discontinued here and i would be stuck with getting used ones from eBay (i wonder if the vermin sold my phone on eBay? argh…. anyways ….) i’m going to Taiwan again at the end of this year, and so i’ll be scoping out spiffy unlocked cellphones there. the phones in Asia seem to be way more technologically advanced than the relatively big clunky ones we use here. i imagine the phones in austria are also more advanced than the ones we have here?

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