the most random post ever

ok, this is actually just an accumulation of stuff and some photos:

currently listening to: harry belafonte & miriam makeba – irene

one of my professors recently used the verb “to google” (as in “search the web for…”) in a lecture. i considered this to be very uncommon, especially in german sentences! in fact, it was the first time i heard somebody outside of the family use that verb…

another one of my professors uses an old antenna as his pointing stick – the retractable type that you can find on FM radios.

attention - a cursed lecture

in the elevators of the science-building, there’s an announcement about a cursed lecture :-)

a week ago, a student sitting next to me unpacked his inkstand and quill and wrote with that! i got the impression he didn’t even own a ballpen. (wanted to take a pic, but that would probably have been *a little* too obvious, during the lecture :???:)

...i could see at least 30 single eggs!

i just found a tropical (?) spider’s huge cocoon-like egg mass on a banana. i counted at least 30 eggs. of course, this would pose an interesting subject to see what develops, but i had to promise to my family to kill the poor little fellas…

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2 thoughts on “the most random post ever

  1. eggs on banana: gross! and why did you have to kill them? couldn’t you have just put the banana out somewhere so they could breed happily outside of your home? :)
    cursed lecture: so did you go?
    chinese character on moped: actually, that character says “qi”, pronounced “chee”, which means “life energy” (the one that acupuncturists like me are manipulating for health!)

  2. it’s still below freezing outside, and i’ve got this feeling that tropical spiders aren’t very tolerant towards those temperatures…

    no way – i’m not attending a cursed lecture!

    sure, that’s what you tell those chinese-illiterate fools ;-)

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