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[posted: Monday, 2006-03-13] [category: fun, photo]

ok, this is actually just an accumulation of stuff and some photos:

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one of my professors recently used the verb “to google” (as in “search the web for…”) in a lecture. i considered this to be very uncommon, especially in german sentences! in fact, it was the first time i heard somebody outside of the family use that verb…

another one of my professors uses an old antenna as his pointing stick – the retractable type that you can find on FM radios.

attention - a cursed lecture

in the elevators of the science-building, there’s an announcement about a cursed lecture :-)

a week ago, a student sitting next to me unpacked his inkstand and quill and wrote with that! i got the impression he didn’t even own a ballpen. (wanted to take a pic, but that would probably have been *a little* too obvious, during the lecture :???:)

...i could see at least 30 single eggs!

i just found a tropical (?) spider’s huge cocoon-like egg mass on a banana. i counted at least 30 eggs. of course, this would pose an interesting subject to see what develops, but i had to promise to my family to kill the poor little fellas…

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  1. Caroline :) says:

    eggs on banana: gross! and why did you have to kill them? couldn’t you have just put the banana out somewhere so they could breed happily outside of your home? :)
    cursed lecture: so did you go?
    chinese character on moped: actually, that character says “qi”, pronounced “chee”, which means “life energy” (the one that acupuncturists like me are manipulating for health!)

  2. markus says:

    it’s still below freezing outside, and i’ve got this feeling that tropical spiders aren’t very tolerant towards those temperatures…

    no way – i’m not attending a cursed lecture!

    sure, that’s what you tell those chinese-illiterate fools ;-)


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