cress time-lapse @

i recently discovered – a free internet service that allows easy sharing of videos.
what they do is convert uploaded videos into flash movies, which (almost?) everybody can watch.

have a look at this, for instance:

they do some heavy downsizing, but therefore it loads (relatively) quickly – compared to the 20MB-file – and you can watch it directly on-site…
if you want to see the (original) fullsize version, go here: post #142 – time-lapse, part 3: cress


4 thoughts on “cress time-lapse @

  1. Very cool! The “You Tube” works very well. I am also pleased to see that you can grow plants so quickly in Austria. Growing vegetables will be even more important now that you can no longer eat birds or cats ;-)

  2. Nice.. helped me at my Biologie homework .. Greetz from Germany:mrgreen:

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