gay cowboys eating pudding

this is just too funny!

here’s a short part of an interview by msnbc:

    AP: Cartman once described independent movies as “gay cowboys eating pudding.” Now we have “Brokeback Mountain”, an upcoming movie by Ang Lee about gay cowboys.

    Stone: If they have pudding in that movie, I’m going to lose my mind.

    Parker: No, if there’s pudding eating in there, we’re going to sue.

the quote is from southpark, episode 02×09, which aired more than 5,5 years ago!!!
and now, brokeback mountain is nominated for 8 oscars and so far has received 51 awards!

i even found a short sound clip – listen to it here.
(since i’m on that topic now, be sure to listen to this one as well; and here‘s the complete listing of sound clips…)

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