new display, stuck pixel

last week, i decided to upgrade my computer setup and replaced my 19″ crt

my brandnew Samsung SyncMaster 913N

with a samsung tft display via amazon: the SyncMaster 913N

it arrived two days later, and i’m really happy with it:
it’s huge (19″ TFT), bright (300 cd/qm), fast (8ms response time), a good viewing angle (160/160) and really space saving, compared to my 19″ crt.

stuck pixel on my Samsung SyncMaster 913N

however, today i found a stuck pixel. looks like in one pixel, blue and green are constantly off.
here’s some information on dead/stuck pixels and the different vendors’ policies regarding them: Penalty: An Autopsy Of Dead LCD Pixels

wikipedia says that sometimes you can fix the problem by “gently rubbing the screen in an attempt to reseat the pixel”, or flashing bright colors on your screen.

for the later, there’s a link to a sourceforge project called “stuck pixel sweeper”. since rubbing the screen didn’t help, i’ll probably try that tomorrow.

i will still try to have my tft replaced, but that probably won’t work out. i’ll keep you updated on amazon’s response and the pixel sweeper effects, though.

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