back in seattle

local time: 05.02.2006 21:20

in the redwood forests, with joyce&darrell

ok, this is only a small photo-update – added six more photos to the old session.

but other than that, i wanted to let you know that i’m up here in seattle now, and i’m enjoying some relaxy-time with the byers family.
watched the superbowl-advertisements today, with short breaks showing the game from time to time ;-)

[view photos: fiji/usa update]

2 thoughts on “back in seattle

  1. nice pictures, markus! i see that you now have implemented “click to see next photo” AND left and right arrow keys for better viewing of your photos!

    glad to see you are having fun!

  2. yup, did that a little while ago.
    and when you’re done, press “end” to close the picture-window…

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