…and on, and on, and on

local time: 25.01.2006 17:50

markus, cindy and larry, at laguna beach, california

how rude – i didn’t even mention that cindy and larry came down to LA for me. sorry…
well, more on my (quite luxurious) stay in los angeles and surroundings – if places as far away as san diego can be considered “surroundings” – will be posted on my travel report within a few weeks.

i moved on to san francisco now, and managed to get here when eric isn’t there (which is probably not hard to do) AND vienna teng doesn’t have any appearances.

i must confess: when i got to the us, i was a little disappointed at the climate. considering that it’s mid-january, though, i think it’s ok that a fleece-jersey is usually needed in the evenings (LA) or during the day (SF).

only four photos for now – session will be expanded as time allows:

[view photos: fiji/usa update]

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