la ciudad de los angeles

local time: 20.01.2006 00:41


yes, that was intentional!
well anyways: i didn’t have internet access in fiji, so i had to wait to get to the city of angles before i could post anything.

this message is just there to tell you that i’m still alive.
photos will follow, although probably not too soon.

5 thoughts on “la ciudad de los angeles

  1. ah I see, I can’t have weird characters like “:)” in my name … :P

    If you have the chance to swing a few states over and land in Houston, Texas, you have a place to stay (I’m moving into a new apartment tomorrow!) You’d be saving me from having to swim across the Atlantic (and Mediterranean) to meet you! :)

  2. oh shoot, i just left a whole much of repeat messages … didn’t realize there was a delay … yargh … sorry …

  3. eric: yeah, sorry i couldn’t give you my details sooner… :-(

    caroline: don’t worry. i removed the duplicates. i think it’s the word “texas” (as in “texas holdem”) that caused the problem, not the “:)”.
    to be honest, your offer is quite tempting – i’ll check out my possibilities :razz:

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