back from durkhudurkhastan

local time: 29.12.2005 01:08

sorry for not responding to any emails lately. had a hard time finding wireless internet-cafes, and taking the time to respond in the first place.
other than that, i was on an uninhabited island for the last 14 days, which makes it kinda hard to get an internet connection :-).

codfish group photo

spent christmas with a cool bunch of people on codfish island, where i was volunteering in the kakapo recovery programme.
in a nutshell, the kakapo is a flightless parrot species with a unique breeding/reproduction system, facial plumage that looks like that of an owl, and a total population size of 86.

on my one-hour-flight from christchurch to invercargill, the weather improved from cold/rainy to hot/sunshiny. so now i’m back to summer :-)
after arriving in invercargill, i spent one day at joy’s (who even picked me up from the airport, unexpectedly) – washing and disinfecting practically all of my stuff.
joy had some adventurous round-the-world stories to tell that made my trip not seem boring, but lame.
on the other hand, i’m quite happy i’m not staying at weapon-fanatic’s places, or in israel, with a total amount of 50 dollars on my account.

in sydney [before new zealand, obviously], where i stayed at sean’s place, i decided to do the bridgeclimb – 1439 steps up to the top of the harbour bridge.
what a view!

i took the time to upload some photos as well, and here they are:

[view photos: australia/nz update]

aww, it feels good to be back in the world of communication again.

2 thoughts on “back from durkhudurkhastan

  1. Great pictures of Australia!! Happy new year!
    Abrazos y besos desde Mexico:wink:

  2. wow. what a great cause to be volunteering for! love the pics. new zealand is so beautiful i wanted to cry. actually all the places in your pics are breathtakingly beautiful. made me say WOW. also glad to be seeing some more pics of you and what you look like! :)

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