christchurch, new zealand

local time: 12.12.2005 00:38

hi there!

i got to christchurch yesterday in the afternoon, and i’m currently staying with julieanne.
she and martin are very much looking after me, bringing me around and everything!

the weather is… well, let’s just say that now i understand why they have penguins here ;-)
and i’m glad i brought a pair of jeans as well.

will be heading to invercargill on tuesday, and by then, i hope to have some new photos online.

***edit 13.12.2005 17:29***
yeah, might not work out after all. don’t expect anything before new year’s eve…

2 thoughts on “christchurch, new zealand

  1. Hi markus, its felix from the house you stayed in @ christchurch pitty you had to leave so soon:cry::cry::cry: mum says that by the time you come back we will be at dads place {or auckland} hope to see you soon:???::neutral:

  2. hey felix.
    yeah – sorry i didn’t have more time to spend with you and emilie
    but i’m sure we’ll meet again ;-)

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