more bats

i’ve been hosting young bats again, over the weekend.
this time, there was :

  • the serotine bat (eptesicus serotinus, breitflügelfledermaus) that lived here previously,
  • two baby common pipistrelles (pipistrellus pipistrellus, zwergfledermaus),
  • an injured baby of kuhl’s pipistrelle (pipistrellus kuhlii, weißrandfledermaus),
  • a northern serotine bat (eptesicus nilssoni, nordfledermaus), and
  • an injured brown- or common long-eared bat (plecotus auritus or plecotus austriacus, braunes bzw. graues langohr), which unfortunately didn’t make it through the weekend.

the serotine bat can already fly (and will be released soon) – so i let it lap a couple of times in the room. it was amazing to watch!

[view photos: more bats]

BTW: because of the rising number of bat-related posts, i decided to open a “bats” subcategory.

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