ellen degeneres = genius

i was just surfing around, and surfing on from there, … and then i found ellen degeneres’ website.
and then i surfed that site and discovered her public announcement, saying that children shouldn’t flush down their fathers’ fish, and i wanted to link to the file.

in the source code, there were lots of javascript-masking of the actual file, and in an html-comment, the following address was written down:

i thought, “how nice, they made a little note for themselves and forgot to erase the real link!”, but i think this is actually a special video that ellen recorded for people who wanted to get the video directly.

here’s the link i wanted to show you in the first place:

i love that woman’s dry sense of humor!!

i also found this in one of her tv interviews:

[quote of the day]

it’s a good year. i hope it gets better!

ellen degeneres (link)

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