random pieces of thoughts/brainwaves that didn’t deserve their own post-id:

automatic rhymes
looking for a rhyme-engine / rhyme-machine? i was – and i found this very useful page: www.rhymer.com. a german equivalent , called “reimmaschine” can be found at www.2rhyme.ch

word composition
i’d seriously like to know who decided to use the word “streich” (prank) in “staatsstreich” (coup)

technology shift
every now and then, i’m playing bass at a local folklore show (exactly, with lederhosen, stutzen and a fashionable hat :grin:).
what’s interesting is the obvious shift in technology: within the last 4 months, there was a noticeable transition from digital cameras to digital cameras with autofocus assist lights (hologram AF, AF assist illuminator, … whatever you may call them).
so now, before (nearly) every flash, there’s an orange light lighting up…

love for detail
my love for details is back! i don’t know where it’s been in the last year, but it’s definitely back. it took me nearly 5 hours to mow the lawn in our backyard (it’s huge, and the grass was really high. but still), because i wanted it to be done well. afterwards, i spent almost an hour cutting overripe apples up for apple pureé.

gallery waiting to be filled
i haven’t uploaded the LOAD of nature photos that is waiting yet, because i’m currently working on my flashback on the seattle2003 trip. more on that will be posted soon!

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