bats, bats and people who dress up like bats

i went to two bat-nights with toni lately: in jerzens [G] and vals [G].
they were not very productive (in terms of catching animals – we only caught two, both in jerzens), but still interesting…

pictures from the one in vals are online now, although… we didn’t catch one bat, but i took some time to photograph the lovely creek in the dark.

[view photos: bat night, vals]

– – – – –
some time ago, i was convinced to go see “batman begins”, even though i’m not a batman fan.
what bothered me since i was little, was how extreme/wacky the villains were.

come on, arnold “frosty” schwarzenegger (whose friends are penguins; not that i don’t like penguins) trying to freeze a city, or that joker laughing stock…

i must say, i didn’t expect this movie to have so much of a continuous story.
although the first 30 minutes seemed like a long movie-trailer to me (all those very short scenes and short-winded dialogs), the overall rating would be “nice”.

just one thing: a giant microwave emitter doesn’t just vaporize water. it also destroys everything that’s made of water.
now, let’s assume you’d like to bake …a human. guess what’s more than half of the ingredients? exactly – H2O…

maybe they should have thought of ultrasound, which is also used for those little indoor well thingies (so i assume that it doesn’t roast people). but then batman wouldn’t have been able to “call for backup”. oh, well. :???:

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