malcolm in the middle quotes

here’s a few other quotes from “malcolm in the middle” s2e07 – they didn’t really fit in with the previous post.

    hal: just think of them this way: they’re only rats with wings.
         and radar.
         just flying rats with radar.
         say it with me, just flying rats with radar.

    dewey: why me?
    hal: because you have the shortest hair. you see, if he lands on your head he’ll just bite once and fly away, but if he lands on your brothers’ or my head he’ll get caught in our hair and bite us and bite us until we are dead. you understand that?

    reese: does anyone want my potato? its kinda burned…
    hal: we’re not having potatoes!! [bat turns around on reese’s plate]

    lois: craig, that [emergency-] button’s been disconnected for a year.
    craig: what? why?
    lois: because you kept pressing the damn thing.
    craig: in an emergency, that’s what it’s for.
    lois: oh, like the time you saw a bee. or the time you saw a big buzzy fly and thought it was a bee. what about the time you thought you saw a ghost?


this was one of the best episodes ever!

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