looking for “innsbruck’s pasqueflower” (pulsatilla oenipontana)

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the last (!) batch of spring photos from april is online.
i can’t believe it took me until june to finish…

innsbruck's pasqueflower (pulsatilla oenipontana) the story behind this session: i had been looking to find “innsbruck’s pasqueflower” (pulsatilla oenipontana; german name: innsbrucker küchenschelle). it’s an endemic species of pulsatilla, which only grows on some hills in arzl, thaur (our neighbour villages) and rum, and it’s VERY endangered.
the problem is, that i was searching for it where everybody else thought it would be.
talking to an elderly farmer (that i accidentally met), i learned that the location was about 15 minutes from there :grin:

unfortunately it was late april already, so all i expected were seed heads. i only found a single one!
but now i know where to look, and next year i’ll be there in time for bloom!

[view photos: some more spring pictures]

older photos:
[view photos: pulsatilla oenipontana]

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2 comments on “looking for “innsbruck’s pasqueflower” (pulsatilla oenipontana)

  1. homepage with location guide about innsbrucker pasqueflower: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/Romed.Unterasinger
  2. thanks for the link - very interesting site! it turns out, these photos are showing pulsatilla oenipontana as well. i'll update the titles.

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