tiroler jugendchorwettbewerb 2005

about an hour ago i got home, and i have so many memories from today that it almost feels like i’ve been away for a week.
“we’re participating in a tyrol-wide choir contest on saturday.”
that was today, and it was amazing.

i haven’t sung that much in months and (or “thus”) had a great day. i spent a whole day with cool, funny people and had lots of fun!
we were very productive (musically), too: our choir came in second in the contest “tiroler jugendchorwettbewerb” (“tyrolean youth choir contest”), and we won a 250-euro prize.
this kind of sticking around and being together AND singing reminded me a lot of krems in 2001, when we went to upper austria for a week to participate in an austria-wide choir contest (“bundesjugendsingen”; this is where the winners of each federal state’s “landesjugendsingen” contest).
as usual, i did everything i could to document this event: photos, audio recordings, … – will be up soon!

after the awards show, most of us went to a café near the golden roof for a drink, and after that, fabio, joel and i went to “segafredo sky”.
so basically, i had a 12+ hour choir-trip to …innsbruck :wink:

side notes:

  • it’s just crazy how many people i ran into in the previous three days: christina, anna, stefanie, anita, flavia, michi, raphael, daniel, sandra, (another) daniel, …
    not to mention all the people i intended to meet and the ones i got to know!
  • my singing qualities have finally risen again. i hardly ever got to sing recently, which made me suck. rehearsing for (and singing on) good friday (cantus borg), holy saturday (osternacht jugendchor), and today (schulchor borg) got me back on the track.
  • lately, my home&awake-time is more or less zero. this is VERY unusual for me.

all i currently feel is profound contentment, and a lot of tiredness.
i can’t keep my eyes open any longer…

pictures are up now:
[view photos]

i also uploaded two of the four songs we sang there:

[listen to samples]
in klausn isch kirchtag (tyrolean folklore song) – zip [mp3], 590KB
shumaela (traditional african song) – zip [mp3], 1,3MB

the obligatory statement:

    the quality isn’t the best, because i’m only recording with my mp3-player. we do sing with (loudness-) dynamics, but the auto-level-function of my Iriver iFP-390T adjusts itself to the volume…
    on the other hand it’s really handy because i probably wouldn’t get the proper settings to record *everything*.
    it also messes up some combinations of frequencies, so some clean harmonies are messed up (think of a camera with only 32 colors).
    i know it’s easy to just pretend it does, but i can supply evidence as soon as somebody sends me a mini-disc recorder and one or two high-quality microphones. don’t hesitate!

3 thoughts on “tiroler jugendchorwettbewerb 2005

  1. the schulchortage were wonderful and we had a lot of fun in the sun:mrgreen:

    i am very fascinated about your personal created homepage.

    go on doing like this.

    big luv to MR.M

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