triple handshake caller

from time to time i get a phone call (at work) from a certain person.
what makes it different from other calls, is that this guy actually starts a conversation in the triple-handshake procedure:

    he: “hi, this is _____ .”
    me: “hello, sir!”
    he: “hello.”
    he (again): “i’m calling, because…”

from the first day, it reminded me of this part of my graduation paper (written in german):

TCP connection esablishment

    Host A: SYN seq=”n”
    Host A asks Host B to synchronize sequence numbers (n).

    Host B: SYN ACK “n+1″ seq=”m”
    Host B acknowledges the request with the next sequence number (n+1) and asks for synchronisation of it’s own sequence number (m).

    Host A: ACK “m+1”
    Host A acknowledges Host B’s SYN. the connection has been established in both directions now.

notice any analogies?

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