photo search script

i can finally check something off my website-related to-do list:

i’ve successfully tested and activated my new image search script. this should be especially useful for all of you who are looking for images they found through google…
the script’s core was “borrowed” from the built-in wordpress search-feature, which handles multi-word queries very, very efficiently.

something else: i just added this link to the right menu-bar of the blog. apparently it’s a trap that catches spambots (the email address collecting type). or, as the folks over at like to say:

    E-mail collecting robots will be sent in an infinite loop and will get dynamically generated fake e-mail addresses, adding enormous quantities of bogus data to the databases of the spammers, thus poisoning those files so badly that they become essentially useless :-)

OR they just want to get high google-ranks so they can earn money through advertisings…

but since i got a lot of referer-spam lately (which is highly likely to coincide with bots – think about multi-functionality), so it can’t hurt to link there

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