new time-lapse project: frog spawn

i’ve just started a new project.
my pond has been ice-free for about a week, and i’ve already found frog spawn on the ground.

my f717 is still in spain with my older brother, the f505 he gave me in return doesn’t have a socket for the jg-rc2, so i decided to use my old webcam (dlink dsc-350) and a program i just discovered two days ago: ConquerCam.

i’m telling you because there’s a neat-o function in ConquerCam: automatic upload of the latest image.
you can see the current progress, up-to-date and live 24/7, here. [link removed, since project is completed]
(i don’t have time to look for a script that clears the image from the cache every 5 minutes, so i’m linking directly. otherwise there would be some refreshing-problems…)

for the biological nerds:
i believe i am using spawn of rana temporaria (common frog, Grasfrosch).
here’s some wiki-information (german version) on them.
natural slack-time is about 2 to 4 weeks, but i’m sure it’ll be closer to the 2 weeks, because the water is already at room temperature (while the pond is still around 5 ° / 40 °F).
development has already been boosted through temperature – within less than 10 hours the globated eggs have become elliptical, with two noticeable poles (see current image). the “original eggs” that are still in the pond are still very globated.

for the technical nerds:
i’m using an interval of 300 seconds (=5 minutes), the duration is an estimated 2 weeks. that would be over 4000 images in a video of 15fps, nearly 5 minutes long. the final version will probably be about a minute or two. i’ll most likely cut out every second image (or even 2 of 3)- i just don’t want to be too slow when they really start developing…
this time there will be supplementary lighting around the clock.

of course, this will mean that my room will be lightened by that energy-saving lamp for about …let’s see… 2 weeks. :???:

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