cantus borg: bach chorals on good friday

yesterday was good friday, and cantus borg sang at the evesong in the church of pradl.
we were singing mainly bach chorals, which is one of my very favorite types of polyphonic music!

i’ve uploaded two songs, and at this point i have to make my standard statement again:

    the quality isn’t the best, because i’m only recording with my mp3-player. we do sing with (loudness-) dynamics, but the auto-level-function of my Iriver iFP-390T adjusts itself to the volume…
    on the other hand it’s really handy because i probably wouldn’t get the proper settings to record *everything*.

[listen to samples]
j.s. bach – wer hat dich so geschlagen – zip [mp3], 670KB
h. schütz – aller augen – zip [mp3], 870KB

afterwards we were standing outside, chatting, and i met (entre autres) lorenz and my former high-school computer-science teacher mr. koller (wow, i’m sounding like an adult :neutral:) – which was really a nice surprise!

i did take photos as well, but not too many.
on the one hand there wasn’t really much time to take pictures. on the other hand, i’m currently using tom’s camera (the Cybershot DSC-F505) because i let him have mine while he’s in spain. i’m really not used to his camera, which has a lot of differently located buttons and a completely other structure of menu… besides, it doesn’t have the later invented hologram autofocus, which ensures well-focussed photos taken in dark locations.

i’m really shortened, technologically: first, my beloved t610 dies, then my precious camera is “taken away” – what’s next? i probably shouldn’t ask…

anyway, here are two pics that (a) are worth showing, and (b) are sharp ;-)
i’ve added the few pictures from tonight (march 26th) as well… just seemed like a waste of space.

[view photos]

that’s about it, for now.

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