time-lapse, part 2: clouds

i think i’m slowly getting the hang of making time-lapse videos.

there’s just so many variables to consider: once you’ve made sure there are no “tiny unwanted details” (a chimney-top, reflections when photographing through a window, …) in your picture, you need to set the shutter speed (especially in overnight projects) estimate the speed of the motive (which is typically very slow, but still), the length of the movie you want to get, … and you get the wanted interval.
it doesn’t really sound that bad, but if you overlook one tiny thing, hours of efforts are wasted and the whole video is cruft.
(just like in my previous set of little projects, which i didn’t publish here…)
on the other hand, if you want it to be perfect, the whole thing is over already – there are no more clouds, or it’s too late to have lots of cars on the street you’re recording, …
(wow, there’s more content in brackets than outside… :neutral:)

the below file is in .avi-format, you’ll need the latest xvid-codec to play-back. i recommend using ffdshow (direct link) to view them correctly.
see “more” / “blah blah” for video details.

smooth clouds, nightfall
(download video)

starting time:
total time:
shutter speed:

3 seconds
1 hour

Sony Cybershot DSC-F717
video data:
mpeg4/xvid – one pass: quality – 20 fps – qual: 95% (get the codec | help)
file size:
4,2 MB

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