spam karma

lately i’ve been overrun by comment spam.
that’s why i’ve just activated a plugin called “spam karma“, apparently coded by “the unknown genius”.

here’s a quick roundup of what it is/does:
Genetically engineered in the dark recess of our Secret Spam Research Labs and trained through months of reflex conditioning and shock therapy, this thing, once unleashed on your comments, will only let go of its death grip after the last spam has been shredded to pieces.

But while a fierce and merciless spam killer, this plugin is also a perfect companion for your kids and friend’s comments.

every comment’s karma is altered, depending on whether it’s good or bad, and in the end, only certain karma-level-comments will pass.

now that thing *must* be good!

in case it messes with you although you’re my kid (yeah!), or a friend, …or at least not a spammer, please comment here and let me know.

[lyics quote of the moment]
come on over, have some fun
dancing in the morning sun
look into the bright blue sky
come on let your spirit fly

livin’ it up this brand new day
summer, sun, it’s time to play
doin’ things it feels so good
get into emotion
kate yanai – summer feeling

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