happy new year!

happy new year to everyone!
may your new year’s res-illutions at least last for another two weeks! :wink:

besides watching over our bang-traumatized dog i managed to get a few good shots of the fireworks in our neighbourhood. my new nd-filter and the radio remote control i got for christmas came in very handy!

little side note: i think it was a really humanitarian gesture to cancel the big-city fireworks in austria and – instead of blowing up loads of money in 20 minutes – contributing the money towards a fund for the earthquake/tsunami victims in southern asia! my family did the same.
and: innsbruck’s mayor disclosed her real power (and a very bad attitude) by saying she wouldn’t cancel innsbruck’s fireworks and giving in the very next day. i think she’s trying to tell us that (1) she’s just a political marionette and (2) she doesn’t really care about things outside our borders?

anyway, some pictures:

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