fachbereichtsarbeit informatik / graduation paper – computer science

it was soo nice to be a student again for some hours! i enjoyed taking that tesdt (cryptogam systematics and evolution), just so i would be in university again…

here’s what’s new …old:
in a further attempt to catch up with the past – i know, the seattle/wa pictures are still missing here – i decided to publish my graduation paper (“fachbereichsarbeit”) for computer science.
the title is “Die TCP/IP-Protocolsuite”.
i originally wanted to write it in english, because in computer science every second word is english already and the german translations are somewhat stupid. but unfortunately there were some problems (bureaucratic stuff, graduation in austria, a certain english teacher, …) in the way of that.

[some additional info]



document type:


document size:

53 pages, 410 kb



handed in:



sehr gut (1) / us grade system: A?

chapters include:

ip, icmp, arp, udp, tcp, dns, ftp, http and telnet


this paper may be freely used and distributed, as long as
the copyright remains. i did this paper at the best of my
knowledge, but i can’t take responsibility for any mistakes.

have a look at it here:

[Die TCP/IP Protokollsuite]

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