strands of magic

ok, it’s all fixed and (nearly) finished, so now i can tell:

a book is going to be published in mid-december, and i was asked to deliver photos! :grin:
it’s a book filled with wonderful poems by dr. ingrid riedl – and 10 of my favorite pictures.
the book is entitled “zauberfäden” (strands of magic) – which is also the title of the first poem inside.

go have a look at the cover:

and the invitation card:

(if you can make it – go there!)

and the

thank you, lisa, ingrid & helga, for making this possible! looking forward to meeting you guys again!

ps: when it’s in store, i’ll post a link here!

One thought on “strands of magic

  1. thank you for writing about the book on your page! and THANK you for your WONDERFUL photos and all the best for your future, but it must be “VICTORY” :wink: lisa (o dear, my English – why are you THAT international *smile*)

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