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first of all: i just released the pictures!

there are some other things/photo explanations i wanted to add to my holidays in spain…

due to their apparent addiction to mountains, tyroleans just can’t stay away from them. to abide the stereotype, we decided to go to mount montgó, near denia (see part 2). it’s only 800 meters (2600 ft) high, but still it was a nice forenoon-trip – not very exhausting though..
the interesting thing is that once we reached the plateau, every not-overgrown part of soil was covered with snail-shells.

we also went to a cave called “cueva de les calaveres”. the legend says that the moorish king what’s-his-name ali-moho was once living inside the cave with a harem of 400 women. sounds pretty depletive :wink:

in part 3 there’s a picture of luis’ car that we used in spain (he has it down there permanently). right after that one picture i took of it, it broke! the battery suddenly was so empty that even the “door-open”-lights stayed dark. so after lots of asking people for jump start we got to drive for about 10 minutes. then, the motor died off again (when we were standing at a red light). it took us some time to find another friendly spanish man who had jump-start-wires AND wanted to help us. we barely got to our accomodation – the motor stalled right when we were rolling up the driveway…
still, in my opinion it was a fun evening – talking to so many people.

be sure to check out the (very short) spanish folklore-samples recorded!

[lyrics quote of the moment]
and you’re thinking about how someone died that day
the you that was so carefully planned
but then again maybe this life is like a sleeping mountain
waking up to shape the land
vienna teng – eric’s song

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our denia-homepage (with information on our vacation apartment) is online now, too:

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