meeting eric cheng / trip to berlin

so friday turned out to be one of the greatest days i’ve ever had…
meeting eric cheng in person, and getting to know andy, lars, aline and laura was a great experience, and inspiring in many ways!
i didn’t doubt the meeting-up to be nice, i just didn’t know how much i was going to enjoy it!

it was great getting to know all of them, yet it’s a pitty we couldn’t hang out for a longer time – one day just flies :-(
i’m totally looking forward to seeing you guys again (where/whenever that may be ;-) )!

thank you for having me!!

so although i had no ‘real’ sleep for over 50 hours, i’m only a little tired. probably the last burst before coma ;-)
gotta pack for tomorrow, still…

[lyrics quote of the moment]
and it really doesn’t matter that we don’t eat
and it really doesn’t matter if we never sleep
no it really doesn’t matter, really doesn’t matter at all
’cause we are so young now, we are so young, so young now
and when tommorow comes, we can do it all again
the corrs – so young

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