hamburg photos – part 3

i’ve managed to get the last third of my hamburg-photos online.
other than the first two parts, this one is more …botanical, with lots of nature-close-ups again (in case you missed them).
if you’ve missed my hamburg-post, you can find it here.

i was in the woods today and found some interesting stuff to take pictures of. will be online soon – it’s just a matter of days…

the other day i saw some things, but didn’t have a camera around:
– a bee actually drinking water
– a deep-black squirrel in a small garden in the city center
– another dragonfly at my pond, red-colored and smaller than this one.
– a cricket. that may not be very exciting, but i got very close and was able to watch it chirping! looks funny!

[view photos: trip to hamburg, part 3]

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