hiking & photo-fun

so tuesday was pretty cool!

we decided to do a family hike to the mountains, from home.
the trip included thaurer alm, vintl alm and rumer alm (that’s three alps, for those who wonder)…
we were out from 09:30 ’till 16:30, and it was great!
good to breathe the fresh mountain’s air and enjoy our wonderful landscape once again.
and even after doing no sports for over 2 months (due to working and being tired after it), and not so much sports before that, there seems to be no muscle ache… at all!

in the evening, i was hanging out with fabio&nadja.
after a kind-of bad start (being mistaken for an “i’m-deaf-and-mute-so-please-buy-my-key-fobs”-guy by the waitress, for example), we really had a fun time.
especially when taking holiday-photos in our home-town ;-)
i didn’t have time to put those online, yet… but they will be there!
pictures are there now – see below

oh, and there’s some technical news, too:
this is the first time i’m using password protection for personal photos. i’m not sure if i will keep that up, i just feel more comfortable knowing who watches certain “me”- and “family”-photos. so if a password is required, you can either request one for that date (per email so far), or skip it and see the other ones…

i’m off to hamburg now!

[view photos: hiking]

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