yesterday was the second wedding that our vocal ensemble “cantus borg” was supposed to sing at. it took place in fritzens this time.

it was amazing!
again, i enjoyed it so much – i think i’ll finally need to get into a choir that has regular rehearsals and concerts.
i feel so much more alive after singing, it’s just great!

plus, now i know we really produce a nice sound. you can’t tell when you’re singing yourself, but i tape-recorded us yesterday, and it sounds a lot better than i thought it would!
(taking account that my little mp3-player wasn’t originally designed for cd-quality-recordings)

i even took some pictures, this time!

[listen to samples]
cantate domino (w.a. mozart) – zip [mp3], 184KB
lass mi bei dir sein… (tyrolean folk song) – zip [mp3], 442KB

[view photos]

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