puschtra wind

today i returned from an 8-day-music project located in toblach.
“puschtra wind” is/was a youth wind orchestra with musicians from the pustertal valley and surroundings.
you might wonder what a double bass is doing in a wind orchestra – the answer is: there were two, not just one ;-)

it was totally cool, i had a great time down there!

there were rehearsals all over the day from 9am to 10pm. and still, marco (the other bass player) and i met early so we could play duettos and stuff.
i don’t think i’ve practiced that much in the whole last year!
and then, in the end, we held two concerts – the first one in toblach and the second one in lienz.

besides that, i met many cool musicians from south tyrol (which actually belongs to italy) and east tyrol.
i’m really looking forward to meeting them again soon!

so today i had to get up at 4:30am to catch the train back to innsbruck (altogether about 2 hours of sleep). and by the time i arrived, i was 10 minutes late for work…
the good thing about it is that, having slept only 2 hours, the working-time of 8,75 hours just flies :-)

i took some pictures when i was down there, of course…

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